Innovative design that makes a difference.

Just as every business is unique, so is every design solution. Our entire process, from the initial immersion phase through the implementation of creative ideas, is designed to tap into consumers and their emotional connection to your brand. The work we produce is distinguished by our blend of strategic thinking and design excellence.

John Verducci Creative Director Studio em

Studio Em is a creative company that has provided Silicon Valley clients with marketing communication solutions for over thirty years. Founded by creative director John Verducci in 1990, the company is both a big and small. Small in numbers. Big on ideas. Our clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that one person will be their contact point throughout every project. Not an account rep. Not a pencil pusher. The actual creative talent that can deliver changes immediately and provide feedback and the personal service that every client deserves.

Ours is a simple goal — we design for you. We understand that design is a collaboration and we are always tuned in to what our clients want. We strive to keep up on the latest technology and innovations in design while maintaining our own unique spin on the world to offer you something fresh, new, and timeless.

Thirty years in business has also allowed us to develop strategic alliances with partner agencies and vendors giving Studio Em a big agency feel without the big agency fees. When all is said and done, we bring our vast experience to you in an effort to share knowledge, collaborate and create a look that sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

The process.

Design Vision

You have a vision.

You know what you need to get your message out. You just don't have the bandwidth or skills to make it happen.

Design Consultation

We consult.

We talk about your project and how we can pull it off together. You tell us your vision and we figure out how we can make it happen.


Numbers are crunched.

We present you with an estimate which includes all of the line items involved in completing the project on time and on budget.


A plan is made.

Once the estimate is approved, we set a schedule based on when you need the project completed.

Project Content

Content is gathered.

Assets are collected – copy, photos, mailing lists, spreadsheets, and illustrations and are passed along digitally.


You relax. We design.

We put our heads down and work some design magic aimed at exceeding your expectations. Proofs are presented.


We collaborate.

You return refreshed from step 6 to offer feedback on the proofs. We collaborate until you sign off on the artwork.

Studio Em delivers.

Your final product (digital or physical) is delivered to you at your office, to your client's inbox or mailbox. High Fives all around!